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Hate is a bad word.

HATE is a Naughty Word

“Mommy, Miles said HATE!” I hear my daughter call from the other room. In typical twin form, my 4-years-olds love to tattle on one another. We have a running list of “naughty” words in our house that my kids know not to say. On that list, you have your big hitters…the S-word and the F-word, […]

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potty training

Tis the Season…To Potty Train

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to potty train your child. My children all have birthdays later in the year (December 2014 and October 2016) and were two years old and showing interest in the toilet before the holiday season. Santa Claus himself was crucial to our potty training success. He very thoughtfully left […]

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Ultimate Sleep Guide (1)

The Ultimate Sleep Guide

We know the feeling... your child's not sleeping, you're exhausted, and you're desperate for any and all guidance. This round-up of posts includes all of the advice you're likely to need from newborn to teen. But first, be sure to take a look at the American Academy of Pediatrics' Safe Sleep Recommendations.  Ages & Stages [...]
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“Two” Is Rough

I’ll start off by saying that I love being a twin mom. My girls are super cute and very sweet most of the time. They also just started really interacting and playing together more than ever before. However, this whole “now we are two and we have our own opinions about…everything!” is getting a little […]

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loose tooth

The Tooth Collector

When you tell people you’re going to have a baby, you are met with the usual responses, “Amazing!” “Congratulations!” “Being a parent is the most amazing thing,” etc. But I feel like only your real friends will tell you the down and dirty truth. You’re going to catch puke in your hands. You’re going to […]

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