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Why Beyoncé’s Postpartum Twin Photo is NOT Reality


Photo credit @Beyonce on Instagram

Why Beyoncé’s Postpartum Twin Photo is NOT Reality…

Speaking as Beyoncé’s #1 fan and Beyhive member I am often under the impression that she can do no wrong. When I saw her postpartum image for the very first time, announcing the birth of her twins I was immediately taken back by its beauty. “Yaaas Queen!” chanted in my head as I hearted her photo on Instagram.

But after sitting with the image a little while longer my spidey senses began tingling. Her image is beautiful, yes, and a visually stunning way to announce the birth of her babies ….but it portrays a laughably unrealistic image of what having one month old twins is really like!


Okay, most of us know how long it takes to bounce back from a singleton pregnancy. I am here to tell you that the recovery time is multiplied with twins! Not only are most twin births physically traumatic to a woman’s body (whether c-section or vaginal birth), but you don’t step back into your size 2 jeans a month later. Beyonce is purposefully flaunting a bare flat stomach which leads me to believe one of two things….she had an amazing tummy tuck directly after giving birth or her photographer majored in the art of photoshop.

Glamour!? What Glamour?

After giving birth to my twins I wore a steady rotation of yoga pants and t-shirts. My makeup was never done and my hair was often dirty. While trying to keep two tiny babies alive and healthy that first month, being glamorous was the last thing on my mind. I was often covered in spit up and hard pressed for a good shower. So, I am sure that behind the scenes Queen B is way less glamorous and I’d love to see that real side of her and her journey!

Postpartum Photography!?

Did I take a lot of pictures postpartum? Yes, but they were 100% focused on capturing my perfect little twinnies. I hid from the camera like it was my job in the months following their birth. The last thing a recovering postpartum mom wants is their photo taken. Of course, if you have the means to hire a celebrity photographer who is guaranteed to show you in the best light I do understand the appeal.

What also didn’t sit right with me was the fact that her babies appear to be used as props for her glamorous shot. You can barely see their cute little faces. As a result the focus is all on Beyonce as the babies seem to be there for show.

We Need to Keep It Real

My Love for Beyoncé shines on. I will always love Queen B. I am not hating on the beautiful image she released to the world, I simply wish she’d also show us the real side of what she’s going through. Postpartum depression rates are staggering and many new moms feel vulnerable and alone in the months following birth. It is our responsibility to support one other and be real and upfront about the challenges we face as new moms.

Can you hear me Beyoncé? Can we please get a candid shot of what life is really like in the Carter household these days?

Signed…Your Biggest Fan and Fellow Boy/Girl Twin Mom

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2 Responses to Why Beyoncé’s Postpartum Twin Photo is NOT Reality

  1. Erika July 24, 2017 at 8:02 PM #

    I completely disagree with you. This picture is meaningful, political, and historic. Black motherhood is usually vilified in our country (and the media). Your interpretation comes from your white privilege.

  2. Allie July 26, 2017 at 5:38 PM #

    You are hating. Motherhood is fluid stop trying to tell us what’s real and what’s not. That is motherhood for her. You’re just another woman putting down a fellow mom in order to make sense of your life. Tacky.

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