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Baby Wipes :: More Than Just Wiping Butts

baby wipes

If there was one baby product I could not live without it would have to be baby wipes. I’m always sure to have the hallway closet stocked. I keep them in the bathroom, my purse (no more diaper bag!), my car, and even my desk drawer at work. However my babies are no longer babies, and I can’t tell you the last time I changed a diaper. But those wipes are still a necessity. They do so much more than just wipe a butt clean!

Here are the many, varied, and unusual uses for baby wipes that you are going to want to try!

1. Stain remover. Peanut butter on the wall, marker on the table, or snot on the couch wipes right off. I haven’t met a surface yet that a baby wipe can’t fix.

2. Cleans dirty hands and faces. My kids are super messy eaters. Most of what they eat ends up all over their faces and in between their fingers. A quick wipe down leaves them clean and baby scented.

3. Removes makeup. I wouldn’t add this to your nighttime routine, but a baby wipe is the perfect thing when you smear your mascara or went a little overboard with the eye-shadow.

4. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters. When you need to do a quick surface clean and don’t have time to get out all the real cleaning products a baby wipe does the trick. I use one every morning to wipe away the toothpaste my kids leave smeared in the bathroom sink.

5. Spot cleans the carpet. Seriously like magic! I once splashed red wine on the carpet. Two wipes later it was like it never happened.

6. Quick sanitizer on a grocery cart or restaurant table. I know a baby wipe won’t kill all those nasty germs, but one quick wipe is better than no wipe.

7. Freshen up. When a shower isn’t an option, it’s easy to wipe your body down after sweating on a hot summer day, or even after wrestling your kids to get their socks and shoes on.

8. Seals envelopes. The taste of licking an envelope makes me gag. During the holidays I send out 90+ cards. There is no way I’m licking them shut, so I use a baby wipe to moisten the seal.

9. Shine your boots. I recently got the cutest pair of black leather ankle boots. I quickly wipe them down before I head out the door and they look just as shiny as when I took them out of the box.

10. Dust off your dashboard. A baby wipe is like a dust magnet. A quick wipe down of the dash distracts me from how dirty the rest of my car is.

11. Deodorant remover. It’s almost guaranteed that if I’m wearing a black shirt there will be deodorant marks left behind. And you know water doesn’t do the trick. A few wipes back and forth with a wipe and those marks are gone.

12. Baseboard cleaner. This is where dust likes to cling and hide in my house. It’s an area that often gets neglected until I happen to get down on the floor on my hands and knees.

13. Semi-cleans all the toys. Luckily my kids are no longer sticking everything in their mouths, but that doesn’t mean a ton of germs aren’t waiting to invade on all their big plastic toys. At least once a week I try to wipe down as many toys as I can as I place them in their designated bins.

14. Static stopper. The winter air has been so dry. After drying and straightening my hair every morning the static and flyaways are out of control. I like to wipe my hand with a wipe and then smooth down those crazy stray hairs.

15. Snot rags. When your kiddo has super crusty snot a regular tissue isn’t going to do the trick. Just be sure to follow up with some chapstick or Aquaphor so their skin and lips don’t dry out.

I really don’t know how I would survive a day without a baby wipe!

Is there anything else they can do? Comment below!

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