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Schitt's Creek

We Should All Live In Schitt’s Creek

The world today is different. The world today is scary. Uncertainty, anger, and frustration are all emotions I’ve been feeling daily. I’m sad for my children, my extended family, and friends. Most of all, I’m sad for those who have it a lot harder than me for the simple fact that they look different, or […]

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Coping Strategies During COVID-19

One thing is for sure, I don’t think anyone expected 2020 to shape up like this when that New Year’s Eve ball dropped at midnight. It seems January 1st was so long ago. Everything has changed. School days have turned into distance learning, long hours at the office turned into working from home, hectic weekend […]

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fear of flying

Overcoming My Fear of Flying

“Think of all the planes that take off and land each day.” “Flying is the safest way to travel.” “Turbulence is nothing more than a bump in the road.” These are just a few things friends and family have said to me over the years when I tell them about my fear of flying. While […]

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