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girl power

Is There Any Boy Power Left?

In a world full of Girl Power – is there any Boy Power left? I often hear people say: you can be anything you want to be. Is that really the case? Girl Power is everywhere in music, talk shows, political representatives, and mom blogs. Please, before we roll or eyes or click ‘x’ on […]

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My Oatmeal-Filled Day

Did you know that there is such a thing as National Oatmeal Day? Guess what? I didn’t either, however, upon discovering this I went on an oat-filled adventure. This may not be the official National Oatmeal Day but I will pay tribute to the day today! Before we get into my delicious day, here is […]

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Low Impact Ways to Brew Coffee

I Love Coffee. The End. From the smell to the taste it brings me comfort. There is a Jamaican folk song, “Me no drink coffee tea mango time, care how nice it may be mango time.” (Did you try to read that with an accent?) Totally not relevant but it popped in my head and […]

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empathy not judgement

Why I Try Not To Judge

My truth? I’m too busy thinking I’m busy. I make mistakes daily, worrying if my child will be ok. There are piles of laundry to be folded and piles of stinky clothes to be washed. So in short I try not to. I say try because I may look at something for a bit and […]

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Meet Sonique: A Mash-Up of Styles

Hi! My name is Sonique, a Jamaican mama. I’ve been married to my Panamanian born husband, Sal, for five years and we welcomed our crazy hair toddler into our lives on Memorial Day weekend of 2017. Before our son was born, my husband was pretty much a global citizen. Now he has proven to be […]

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