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We need somewhere to go, so I can show off these adorable costumes!

Spooktacular Halloween Events

Halloween is fast approaching! The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and it’s acceptable to sneak into the giant-sized bag of candy you have been hiding from your kiddos…and possibly your husbands! In my house, we have been talking about Halloween nonstop; ever since the UPS man brought us our costumes. {My […]

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Honking the dump truck horn!


Honk honk! Beep beep! When Shane was 16 months old the town of Fairfield came to pave our street. Most neighbors were annoyed with all the trucks and loud noises that lasted over the course of a few weeks. However, Shane was in awe…and so was I. My very active little boy actually sat one […]

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The Playdate Referee

All mommies take on lots of different roles throughout each day – nurse, short order chef, chauffer, maid…the list goes on and on. Most recently I have acquired a new role as the referee, especially during playdates. Since my two-year-old son Shane does not go to daycare I feel that it is important for him […]

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Enjoying a moment for myself!

The Baby Boohoos: Tips to Help with the Baby Blues

The first few weeks with a newborn can drive any person crazy. The lack of sleep alone makes you cranky, but add raging hormones to the mix and most mommies will experience the Baby Blues. For me the second time around has been more like the Baby Boohoos. I have found myself crying over everything […]

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Should they be awake or asleep???

Polar Opposites!

On June 7, 2013 my world was forever changed with the addition of my beautiful twins, Blake and Brynn. I went into to the hospital for a routine non-stress test and discovered that I was in labor – I guess my tolerance for pain is a lot higher than I thought! Even though my husband […]

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Shane building his tower!

Meltdown Averted

I hate to admit it, but I have been arguing with my two-year-old son Shane, and he has been winning. This is something I told myself would never happen when I became a mother. Of course I have heard of the “terrible two’s” but I didn’t think I would have legitimate arguments with a toddler. […]

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Penne alla Vodka with shrimp from Tomato & Basil Café and Pizzeria (post baby #1)

Post Pregnancy Cravings

Dieting in general is no fun, but having to watch what you eat while pregnant is the worst!!! A common question for pregnant women is, “What foods are you craving?” For me, with both pregnancies, all I wanted was potato chips, kalamata olives and crusty Italian bread slathered with butter. Instead of indulging in these […]

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