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It Took a Pandemic

I was so busy before COVID. I had a job. I had errands. I had therapy. I had families who needed me. I had schools and daycares that needed me. I had students that needed me. Parents and grandparents that needed me. I had scheduled Grandma visits to lend a hand with my own kids. […]

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Everyone’s Best Friend

Frederic the Great nailed this one for sure, dogs are a man’s best friend. But I truly believe they are everyone’s best friend! On top of being loyal, smart, and protective, they are also proven to reduce stress. Of the 135 million pets in homes across America, 60.2 million are dogs. In our home, we […]

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social skills

Hello? Is Anyone There?

Being stuck at home and not being able to see friends and family is so hard. With experience as a social skills teacher, I find it extremely important to keep up the communication. My twins have lost a ton of socialization from being home and not going to school with their friends. Before the outbreak, […]

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A Constant State of Chaos

I’ve succumbed to the fact that my life is a constant state of chaos.  My house. It’s a fixer-upper built in 1940 for a family who fostered many children. We think every room was once used as a bedroom, even our dining room. Doors and mismatched frames are everywhere. My closet. At least once a […]

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Sound Tigers game

A New Hockey Fan

This post is sponsored by the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. Please support our sponsors.      We’re no hockey family (Three quarters? Innings? Periods?), but with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers playing at Webster Bank Arena so close, we were excited to check a game out and see what all the hype was about. I’m the planner […]

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ALL the Emotions

I have endometriosis. With the pain, frustration, and more pain, also comes infertility. We struggled to have our beautiful babies and are so lucky to have them. They’re funny and adorable and a lot of work. But I always pictured myself driving around in a minivan full of more kids. Remember that game MASH? I […]

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Endometriosis. Let’s get a few things straight right off the bat – endometriosis is just plain horrible. It’s hard to spell, it’s tricky to say, and it takes a toll on your body, mind, and schedule. Everyone’s experience is different. I’m somewhere towards the severe end of the spectrum. For example, a few times a […]

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self care

You Are Important!

You are important. You are why your kids are here. If you need more motivation than just words, stop and look at them, or if they’re sleeping break out a photo album or look at your camera roll. Sometimes that’s just the nudge you need to get back in the game. Because let’s face it: […]

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A is for Adopted

I’m adopted. Growing up, my friends and I had a lot of fun creating scenarios about my biological parents because at that time, I had no information about them. We laughed about it and made the whole scenario funny instead of weird. I didn’t look like anyone, but I did pass for my parents’ kid […]

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