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Gardening and Growing Joy

One of my earliest memories is gardening with my parents. We had a spacious backyard, and about half of it was dedicated to a robust vegetable garden. Both of my parents immigrated from Italy, and they had grown up farming and growing most of their own food out of basic necessity. It was a true […]

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vision board

My Year of 20/20 Vision (Boards)

As a child of the 80s, one of my favorite pastimes was making collages. I would make them of my favorite bands, TV shows, places I wanted to visit, basically anything. They adorned my walls and my notebooks, and truth be told, I still have a few from my college years.  In December, I had […]

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lost sparkle

I Lost My Sparkle

Recently I took a weekend away from my family to spend time with two of my sorority sisters. As I traveled into the city on the train alone, I realized it was the first time in a long time that I felt free. Free from work responsibilities, children, my husband; pretty much everything that I […]

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hate Halloween

I Hate Halloween

I HATE HALLOWEEN. There, I said it. In fact, I always have. When I was younger, as a child in the 80s, we mostly made our own costumes. If we did score a store-bought one, we had to be careful that the cheap, sharp plastic mask on our face didn’t cut us or that the […]

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