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thank you notes

Why I Make My Son Write Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes sucks. It’s a chore on par with unloading the dishwasher and cleaning out the lint filter in the dryer.   But getting gifts doesn’t suck. Few things are more exciting than ripping open wrapping paper or breaking my nails ungluing the flaps of an Amazon box that I didn’t order for myself. Yup, receiving gifts […]

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Once Upon a Pocketbook

“I love you,” he said, putting his beer down on the bar and turning to look right into my eyes. I had been waiting to hear these words practically since the moment he walked into my studio apartment in his retro Levis and pressed navy button-down shirt five months earlier. Jeff was not the typical […]

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little league

Bigger Than Little League

Before the summer of 1989, I didn’t know a fastball from a foul ball. That was the summer that my town, Trumbull, became bigger than just a speck on the map of Connecticut. On a day in late August, we sat riveted in front of our televisions, watching as a bunch of 12-year old baseball […]

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