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cancel everything

Do We Have to Cancel Everything?

It happened this week, and I’m surprised it took 9 weeks for her to crack. I said “no” to something my daughter wanted to do, and the floodgates opened. “Why do you have to take away EVERYTHING that’s fun? We can never do ANYTHING anymore! You’ve ruined EVERYTHING!” I tried not to take it personally. […]

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Someday It Will Be Too Quiet

Someday it will be too quiet. Someday I will miss the noise. The constant clamoring for “mom!” The stories that go on and on and don’t really have a point. The giggles that turn into tears and back into giggles again. The enthusiastic babbling from the backseat of the car and sing-alongs to “Wheels on […]

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good enough

Is It Ok to Be “Good Enough?”

Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the stuff of life. I feel like every area of my life needs improvement. I should be learning more about finances, budgeting, and setting saving goals. I should be feeding our family better – making more wholesome meals and preparing healthy snacks rather than reaching for the quick fix, […]

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parenting is

Parenting Is…

As my children get older, I often wonder what kind of parent they think I am. Am I the crabby one who is always annoyed at what a mess everything is? Am I the fun one? Am I the overbearing one that always wants to know what’s going on? Am I too involved in my […]

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Re-Loving the Name Mom

Remember the first time you were called “Mom?” It sounded so weird, right? Kind of like the first time you were introduced by your significant other as “my wife.” It took some getting used to. And wasn’t it even more exciting, and even a little disorienting, the first time your baby started calling out for […]

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