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cutting the cord

We Cut the Cord and Will Never Look Back

It’s hard to make sense of all the television options out there! As a mom who works in the television industry, even I feel overwhelmed by the changing landscape! The one thing we can agree on is that traditional cable television is getting more expensive! I’m often asked about how my family cut the cord. […]

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Hate is a bad word.

HATE is a Naughty Word

“Mommy, Miles said HATE!” I hear my daughter call from the other room. In typical twin form, my 4-years-olds love to tattle on one another. We have a running list of “naughty” words in our house that my kids know not to say. On that list, you have your big hitters…the S-word and the F-word, […]

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holiday decor

Holiday Decor: How to Turn Your House into a Winter Wonderland without Breaking the Bank

Thanksgiving may not be over, but that doesn’t stop me from planning this year’s Holiday Décor. Since having kids, my holiday spirit has been ratcheted up to a new level! Each year, I scour Instagram for inspiration on how to makeover our space. I’ll spend the weekend after Thanksgiving transforming our home into a winter […]

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