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St. Patrick's Day

Our Family Leprechaun

There is something about the last couple of months of winter that could drive a mom mad. Especially now that we are all trapped at home. And spring starts to tease us with warmer weather, only for winter temperatures to come back in full force. The hours between nap and dinner also tend to test […]

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big kid milestones

Unexpected Firsts

One recent weekend my children had a first. It wasn’t something I was looking for like I had when they were babies. It was something that struck me as we were in the moment and filled me with joy. We went sleigh riding. It was something we had never attempted due to lack of equipment, […]

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Today I sulked.

Today I Sulked

On the last day of 2019, social media was riddled with people comparing where and who they were a decade ago versus today. Others were giving inspirational quotes and reviewing their resolutions. For me… On the last day of the decade, I was filled with anxiety and sadness – and I sulked. I sulked because […]

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potty training

Tis the Season…To Potty Train

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to potty train your child. My children all have birthdays later in the year (December 2014 and October 2016) and were two years old and showing interest in the toilet before the holiday season. Santa Claus himself was crucial to our potty training success. He very thoughtfully left […]

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thankful for mom tribe

Thankful for My Village

All too often when people see me with my three children the one question they ask is, “Do you have any help?” I say no and many tend to delve deeper. They ask about my parents – deceased, my siblings – none, my husband’s parents – deceased, and his siblings – a brother also deceased. […]

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panicked parenting

Panicked Parenting

It happened again, this time as we were leaving the gym. A random, out of the blue, seemingly unexplained tantrum that was very loud and drew the side eyes of strangers and other moms. I panicked; I didn’t know what was wrong and I just wanted us out of the public eye. I tucked one […]

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summer letdown

My Summer Letdown

Excitement for Summer: Once spring hit I was genuinely looking forward to the end of the school year. I felt like a student myself, longing for the freedom that summer would bring. My older daughter was in preschool three days a week and I was ready for drop-offs and pick-ups to be a thing of […]

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Please Don’t Call Me SUPERMOM

I truly appreciate that while I’m out and about around town with three young children in tow that you see me. You see my struggles, the effort it takes to be where I am, the fear in my eyes awaiting tantrums or a runaway child. Thank you for understanding what it takes for me to […]

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