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Lost in Translation

Growing up I had always had some sort of issue with friends. Whether it be being picked on or excluded, it was tough for me emotionally and socially as a child. I clearly remember at the age of six crying myself to sleep and exclaiming that “no one liked me” to my mother. As terrible […]

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Discovering Your Roots: Engage With Your Kids in Learning About Your Family History

Both of my daughters are very inquisitive. This is something I’m especially proud of as a mother. I treasure watching them grow and develop their love of learning. There are times that I don’t have answers for all of their questions. I sometimes want to say “I don’t know! It’s just that way!” but then […]

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The Elephant in Our Family

We are “one big happy family” full of divorced, and sometimes re-married, grandparents, aunts and uncles. For the past few years, my daughter has required no explanation. She has innocently assumed that everyone always gets along, because when our extended families come together, we will all just get along. As her mother, of course I’d […]

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When I was eight years old, my father almost got us killed in New York City. Long story short, we were going to visit a great-aunt in Hell’s Kitchen (the name itself should have been a clue) and my father pulled our red station wagon into a parking spot that a “local” man had apparently […]

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