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vision board

Do You Have Summer Vision?

This post is sponsored by OnPurpose Family. Please support our sponsors. One of our favorite family activities on New Year’s Day is to create personal vision boards. However, now we will craft ONE family vision board that highlights how we will celebrate the summer season. Since this summer will look different than what most of […]

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dear teachers

Dear Teachers: We Miss you

Dear teachers, I’ve written to you before. My last letter was drafted in adoration for you because of the way you keep our kids safe in the face of gun violence —something you never signed up for, of course.  I wish this letter had a cheerier tone. Sadly, it doesn’t. And it is in response […]

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we keep going

We Keep Going

  On Wednesday night, Jews all over the world will be celebrating the holiday of Passover, a commemoration of when the Jews left Egypt three thousand years ago, a marked journey from slavery to freedom. This year, many of us—Jews and non-Jews alike—are getting a taste of being enslaved, as we are confined to our […]

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gratitude and learning

A Time for Gratitude and Learning

As parents, we are certainly navigating uncharted territory right now in light of the global situation we are facing due to the coronavirus. We all want to do what’s best for our children and our families. We’re all confused and scared. That being said, we can use this time as an opportunity to teach our […]

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