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thankful turkey

A November Gratitude Practice for Kids

Last year, I was looking for ways to help my kids understand what is really important about the holiday season, from as young an age as possible. I decided to start a gratitude practice with my kids during the month of November. My youngest was 14 months old at the time so she didn’t fully […]

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An 80’s Halloween: Contributor Style

There are mixed feelings among moms when it comes to Halloween. Some of my friends absolutely love it. They stock up on candy, go all out with decorations, throw parties, hunt for the perfect costumes for their kids, and make Halloween-themed lunch boxes and treats. Some even go as far as organizing a family costume. […]

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toddler mom hack

The Best Toddler Mom Hack Ever

I thought life with one toddler was hard. Two? Next level. Three? I can only imagine (and am not planning to find out).  I have two kids under 4. They are pretty typical as far as toddlers are concerned – bouncing off the walls, feeling all of the emotions all the time, and constantly snacking, […]

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Motherhood Lately, According to {more} Memes

I’ve never laughed so hard while drafting a blog post as I did for my first installation of “Motherhood, Lately, According to Memes.” Parenting can be hard and if we can’t at least have some laughs while wading through some of the muck, then what’s the point!? Every day with a 3.5 and a 1.5 […]

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Blog Cover - May 2019 Postpartum

The Latest Resources for Postpartum Support in Fairfield County

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week takes place the first week of May each year. The 2019 theme is #MakingOverMotherhood with the goal of “making over” the image of “perfect motherhood and the notion moms can do it all without support.”  Every year, during this month, we aim to provide a list of postpartum support services and […]

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Blog Cover - Mar 2019 Podcasts

Podcast Musts for Moms

Lately I’ve been loving the convenience and portability of podcasts. I love that I can tune in or tune out with the click of a button. I listen in the car, while cleaning up the kitchen, even sometimes before bed. I’ve gotten some really great advice, some good laughs, and no matter what issue I’m […]

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