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I Worry

I worry… I worry that my almost 4-month-old daughter only knows three people, and they all live with her.  I worry that my 5-year-old son is losing his passion for things he used to love to do because we’re not allowed to do them anymore.  I worry that my daughter only knows her Gaga as a […]

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dads are parents too

Dads Are Parents Too

It was an innocent omission: “Hey Moms…let’s schedule a lunchtime Zoom story!” I read the email from a fellow school parent quickly, with the newborn on my boob, knowing that my husband would add the event to our (suddenly sparse) calendar. My husband came downstairs for his second cup of coffee on a break from […]

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quarantine binge list

Your Quarantine Binge List

Well. Here we are. Socially isolating, self-quarantining, social distancing, and living a real-life version of Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day.” Making each day a little different within never-changing surroundings can be a challenge. We have done countless homemade scavenger hunts, learned to draw with famous author and illustrator Mo Willems, organized and re-organized my son’s at-home […]

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The Year of Magical Hormones

I am scheduled for a c-section to have my rainbow baby. I honestly could never have predicted what it would take to get here, or how many curveballs would be thrown my way on my two and a half year journey to complete my family.  My husband and I struggled with what we now know […]

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A Letter To My Dog Upon Baby’s Arrival

Dear Dog, I know you know what’s coming. We’ve been through this once before. Before the arrival of my son, you were my baby. You came with me everywhere, got hour-long cuddle and tummy rub sessions on the couch, and ruled my Instagram account with pictures of your sweet, furry face. Then, the baby came. […]

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maternity fashion

Maternity Fashion on a Budget

At 18 weeks pregnant, I am definitely past the point of “oh, she’s put on a little weight” and reached the “oh damn, there’s a baby in there” phase of pregnancy fashion. This being my second go-round, I feel like I’ve definitely learned a thing or three about dressing for two, and I am so […]

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