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You Are The Difference

Teachers–you are the difference. You are some of the first adults that our children trust, and as our little ones grow into teenagers, you are some of the first adults they will confide in. When you decided to become a teacher, I wonder if you realized you’d make such a difference every day–and I don’t only […]

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We Must Believe Our Children

We must believe our children. Starting at a young age, we teach our kids to stay away from strangers. We warn them about answering the front door, getting a ride home with someone they don’t know, and tightly gripping our hand when in busy places. We have this image of a creepy old man in […]

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Explore Fairfield County :: Fairfield

“Explore Fairfield County” is an informational series that provides a glimpse into the wonderful towns and cities in Fairfield County. Fairfield County is diverse in that it includes big cities, small suburbs, beaches, farms, and busy highways. It covers a large geographic area and, because of this, it has a lot to offer families! To […]

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FCMB Goes Back to School :: No Fly Zone {Why to Resist Being a Helicopter Parent}

As mothers, we understand one of the most critical components to our children’s young lives is their education. Since it’s time to ring in a new school year, the contributors at Fairfield County Moms Blog wanted to share some tips, tricks, and words of wisdom to help you through this exciting, yet stressful time. Be […]

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The Truth About Having a Miscarriage

{Please note: this post contains sensitive and graphic content related to a miscarriage.} I’ve thought about writing this post for a long time. I’ve started and stopped on a few occasions, but felt uneasy in taking the text from the note section of my phone to a living, breathing post on the internet. The truth […]

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