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Surviving Toddlerhood

tod·dler ˈtädlər/ noun noun: toddler; plural noun: toddlers 1. a young child who is just beginning to walk. Synonyms: small child, infant, tot, preschooler informal moppet, munchkin, tyke, rug rat, young ‘un When I was pregnant, people gave me advice (wanted and unwanted) on practically every aspect of how to handle a newborn – swaddling […]

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Llamas and Goats and Pigs, Oh My!

Silverman’s Farm is a cute little non-assuming attraction in Easton.  Blink and you’d drive past it, as there are no real signs announcing its location, with the exception of the enter sign I only saw as I drove past it.  There is an adorable country store on the opposite side you’d probably notice first.  There […]

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