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A Mom and Dad’s Night Out at Wine and Beyond {beer & wine tasting}

We were super excited for our very first Fairfield County Moms Blog event that included the dads. Our sponsor, Wine and Beyond hosted our readers to a fun night out with a wine and beer tasting. And they did not disappoint! With three tasting stations and a super knowledgeable and friendly staff, we are definitely planning on going back soon.


Our First Tasting Station

The event began and we were able to float between three different tasting stations at our own pace. We loved that there were several different varietals available to try! If reds were your preference, one station was dedicated to some great reds and rosé options. The second kiosk had a variety of white wine and some bubbly! Doesn’t a glass of bubbly make it feel like a real celebration? We thought so too! Each wine was labeled with a bit more information, including cost. This was helpful for those of us that wanted to purchase a bottle (or more!).

wineIf wine wasn’t your thing, Wine and Beyond did a great job of getting the dads over to the beer tasting table. It was pretty tough to tear them away. The guys were raving about the beer options and carts were filling up pretty quickly! In between each tasting were some great little snacks to grab. 

beerPerhaps the best part of the event was the staff! Not only were they super friendly, but they were also extremely knowledgeable about not only the beverages at their tastings station, but also a wide variety of others. We overheard lots of great conversations between staff and guests. The room was bursting with chatter and excitement! 

If you missed this event, don’t despair! We have a few more coming up in time for the cooler weather. In the meantime, you can always stop in and shop for some amazing wine and spirits at Wine and Beyond. Because, you know…kids.

wineTo find out more about Wine and Beyond make sure to visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

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