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A Kitchen Cubby

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are currently sanding, priming, and painting our kitchen cabinets.  I’m happy to report they are looking fantastic and I love how bright our kitchen looks now!  Unfortunately, two adults with full-time jobs and a high-energy 15 – month old don’t have a ton of spare time to work on said cabinets, and we are still not done.  But that’s ok!  These things take time, I know.  However, having all the doors removed from all the kitchen cabinets has proven to be a challenge with our little man.

I transferred all the cleaning products from under the sink to the countertop, of course, and removed a few breakables (too late for one of my favorite Crate and Barrel bowls though), but other than those I left everything as is.  And the aforementioned high-energy 15-month old?  He has been having a ball.  Too much fun, I think!  It was getting to the point where I was tired of saying things like:

Little Man, please don’t stand in the crock pot.

No, no- we don’t throw mommy’s pots on the ground.

Please DON’T SMASH YOUR HAND in the waffle iron!IMG_0614

So on one of the (many) snow days we’ve had off so far this year, I decided to give him his own space in the kitchen!  Maybe with a little cubby all his own he would be less inclined to play in the others.  I can hope, anyway!  I cleared out the cabinet we kept our small appliances in by taking most of them down to the basement.  Items like our bread machine, crock pot, and rice cooker that don’t get used weekly would be just a few steps away from the kitchen.  Items we use more frequently like our Panini press and waffle maker got moved to the cabinet next door.

Once the cabinet was empty the little man and I went to my happy place…aka Target.  I picked up a IMG_0612curtain rod for just over $3 and a battery operated tap light for $6.  (I thought he might a little light of his own in there!)  Using leftover fabric, I made two simple curtains so that once the doors are put back into place, he can still have a bit of privacy if he so chooses.

It makes my heart happy every time I see him crawl in the cubby and turn on the light!  And once the doors are placed back on (this weekend, fingers crossed), it won’t look any different than any other kitchen cabinet.  I hope he continues to enjoy having a little space of his very own in the kitchen for a long time to come.  How do you keep your little ones out of the kitchen cabinets?  Do you have the child-proof latches on all of them or just a select few?  We only locked the ones with dangerous or breakable items, but I do get awfully tired of him constantly rearranging the pots and pans!



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    Gillian Sheerin February 25, 2014 at 8:14 AM #

    Such a great idea! I have two cabinets that my 12 month old is allowed to play in…one that has cans and random non dangerous items and one with tupperware. The tupperware cabinet is a huge hit and lets me get dishes, cooking and cleaning done. It’s a true lifesaver!

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