Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here
Dear Mother on the Brink,

Dear Mother on the Brink

I am right there with you sister. Your days are consumed with juggling all the pieces of your life, never feeling like you are doing any of them well. However, you try and you smile, sometimes serving breakfast for dinner just to make it through the day. You try to keep your cool through the […]

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why i RACE

Why I Race

Last month, I finished my second half marathon. And the day after, I couldn’t walk. The most basic movements, like bending and going downstairs, were pretty much excruciating. And while I was SORE and popping Advil, it made think about why I do this to myself. In other words, WHY I RACE in the first place. […]

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little league

Bigger Than Little League

Before the summer of 1989, I didn’t know a fastball from a foul ball. That was the summer that my town, Trumbull, became bigger than just a speck on the map of Connecticut. On a day in late August, we sat riveted in front of our televisions, watching as a bunch of 12-year old baseball […]

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