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Restorative Yoga for Busy Moms

According to the Chopra Center, restorative yoga is a practice that leads one toward a more healing and recuperative experience. It offers a host of wonderful benefits that are often overshadowed by the popularity and visibility of more dynamic yoga styles. Restorative yoga relies on props and surrender without effort. Studies show that the slower […]

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One Isn’t the Loneliest Number: Why I’m “One and Done”

I remember the day that I had my daughter like it was yesterday. The simultaneous feeling of having been hit by a truck and the complete and utter joy was one I could never forget. That day, as well-wishing family members came to visit, there were lots of comments that included, “When you have your next […]

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Don’t be That Mom! A Guide to Keeping your Non-Mom Friends

You didn’t mean to. It just happened. You got all wrapped up in this crazy thing called motherhood and you forgot that there are people out there who take showers in peace and discuss things other than bowel movements. These are your friends without children.  Sometimes, you may feel that your friends without children are […]

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Starting a Babysitting Co-Op: Everything you need to know!

Before I became a stay-at-home mom, I had no idea how expensive babysitting would be, how difficult it would be to “get things done” during the day, or how critical new mom friends would be for my day-to-day survival.  Initially, I created a group on Meetup for new moms to connect.  Through this group, I […]

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