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Survival of the Fittest: When Your Spouse Travels

My husband is a collegiate Athletic Trainer and an Army Reservist. The combination of these two jobs mean that he works during off-hours {nights and weekends} and travels frequently for both short and extended periods of time. His schedule is not consistent and can change on short notice. As a result, I am often on my own […]

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Character? Be one. But more importantly – raise one.

Building character is a tough thing to wrap your head around. You know when you meet someone who comes across as just genuinely unhappy? Like, if you smile at someone you’re passing in the store and they just glare back at you? I always wonder…what happened that they couldn’t find the silver lining? Luckily enough, […]

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The Great Baby Escape! (Ways to Keep Your Child Safely in their Crib)

Most of motherhood is exclaiming, “They are growing up too fast,” or “I’m not ready!” When my daughter jumped out of her crib at 17 months that sentiment could not have been more true. My twins’ cribs were their only truly safe zone and I was NOT ready to give them free reign of their shared bedroom! Since the age […]

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