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third child

Impossible Decisions: The Guilt of Not Wanting a Third Child

“Are you going to try for a third?” My public response: “Well, we’re not sure yet.” My inner voice: “Nope.” Why not just be honest? Because I am guilty. I have always had a particularly hard time with the what-ifs in life. What if I had chosen a different college? What if I had chosen a different career? […]

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digital diet

The Digital Diet & Why Your Family Needs To Know About It

This post was sponsored by the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.In a world full of smartphones, tablets and apps, it can sometimes feel impossible to unplug. But the truth is, our everyday technology habits are threatening the speech, language and hearing of our children. So what can be done to […]

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Redshirting: Ready or Not?

Back to school is bittersweet this year. Our child is starting Kindergarten, and as if that doesn’t come with a wide enough range of emotions, we have also spent the past nine months debating “redshirting”. Redshirting is the term used for purposely delaying Kindergarten, even when your child is age-eligible. Connecticut’s Kindergarten cut-off date is […]

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summer hangover


As the season prepares to change, I’m embracing the cooler nights. Why? Because I am suffering from a #summerhangover. Let me take a step back and explain. When the calendar turns to April, I start dreaming about summer. All the possibilities. As a teacher, May is the Sunday of spring. With the arrival of Memorial […]

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