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digital diet

The Digital Diet & Why Your Family Needs To Know About It

This post was sponsored by the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.In a world full of smartphones, tablets and apps, it can sometimes feel impossible to unplug. But the truth is, our everyday technology habits are threatening the speech, language and hearing of our children. So what can be done to […]

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Redshirting: Ready or Not?

Back to school is bittersweet this year. Our child is starting Kindergarten, and as if that doesn’t come with a wide enough range of emotions, we have also spent the past nine months debating “redshirting”. Redshirting is the term used for purposely delaying Kindergarten, even when your child is age-eligible. Connecticut’s Kindergarten cut-off date is […]

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Baby’s First Camping Trip: How to Plan a Safe Adventure With Kids

Few things beat seeing a child’s eyes light up as they discover the natural world, but heading on an outdoor vacation with young kids in tow requires a little more preparation than your average camping trip. Here’s how you can make sure your next adventure is as safe as it is memorable. Planning Your Trip […]

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Quick, Easy, & Healthy Lunch Ideas

This post was sponsored by the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Thank you for supporting our sponsors. Need quick, healthy lunch ideas for your little one’s lunchbox? Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s nutritionists share delicious tips to keep your child full during the school day. Try a turkey sandwich with two slices of low-sodium turkey, one slice […]

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Please Don’t Post That Photo

Please don’t post that photo. Please don’t post what photo? That photo. The one of your daughter in the bathtub. Or the one of your son getting dressed. The one you might show your partner or your friend and wonder aloud, “Do you think this is okay to post?” If you have to ask someone […]

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