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Saw something, said something. {discipline or abuse?}

I have two boys. Two VERY physical boys. They wrestle with each other but also hug each other. They fight with lightsabers, tickle, and jump on each other with pillows. They are also taught boundaries. Whenever someone cries or says, “no thank you,” “please stop,” or “that hurts,” – they know the line has been crossed […]

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The Omni Dallas Hotel {Review and Giveaway}

Post and giveaway are sponsored by Omni Dallas but the opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors. Back in October, the FC Moms Blog owners had the chance to spend the weekend in Dallas with 60+ other women who make up City Moms Blog for our Sister Site Conference. What happened at […]

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I'm a Motherless Mother

I’m a Motherless Mother

May 1st. Today would have been my mom’s 70th birthday. I imagine we would have had a big party including all of her friends and family, with her spending most of her time being overjoyed by her only grandchild, my daughter A, charming everyone and being the center of attention. I can imagine the look […]

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3 Ways To Use A “Pinterest Registry”

From the day they’re born, kids get seemingly endless streams of gifts from generous family members and friends. People put painstaking effort into choosing the perfect toys or keepsakes. And they just want to give you something that’s perfect – and that you don’t already own. Often, they ask,”what’s on your wish list?” or “what […]

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A Mom's Guide to Fairfield County: May 2016

A Mom’s Guide to Fairfield County: May 2016

May is such a wonderful month for so many reasons! To list a few, flowers are blooming {thanks to April showers}, windows can be opened, the smell of BBQ is back in the air, and there are many great holidays to be celebrated, including Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. Here is a list […]

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Simply Green

Simply Green Personal Care

Personal Care – the list of items we need is endless. The lotions, creams, gels, masks . . . just thinking about the choices makes my head spin. Now add the element of greening your personal care. It seems impossible, right? Well, it isn’t. Here are some easy steps to making some small changes to your […]

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