Passionate About the Community
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Autism Mama1

Autism Mama

My eldest child, Elle*, was diagnosed with autism at age three and a half. Oddly enough, I was relieved. As a teacher, I couldn’t figure out how I could manage a classroom filled with twenty children, but was unable to manage my only daughter. With a diagnosis, I could begin advocating for Elle. I’d experience […]

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Super Bowl Cheat Sheet for Moms!

Super Bowl Cheat Sheet for Moms

The Super Bowl. The most watched one-day sporting event in the world. The game where heroes are born, and hearts are broken. The game where the winners, without fail, always end up “going to Disney World!” This year the Super Bowl, which is being played in Santa Clara, California, has an air of nostalgia to it. Why, you ask? […]

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Tales from an Old Mom

Tales from an “Old Mom”

“Are you the Grandmother?” Besides being overtired, overweight and looking particularly lumpy in my too tight black pants and black sweater with the sparkly necklace…I was speechless. Yes, me, speechless. I get it. I’m not looking my best. I’ve had two kids in 3 years, bought a house and have been unemployed for a while. […]

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Fathom: A New Way to do Family Vacation

It’s always just about this time of year, when I’ve headed back to work after the holidays and straight into reality, that I start the countdown until the next vacation. Oh, you, too?!?  It’s not that I mind working, because I truly don’t, it’s just the idea of getting out of the routine of regular […]

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