Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Our Life Without TV

Hello. My name is Allison and I’m a recovering TV addict. This is my story. I grew up in the eighties. It was a time of family sitcoms, an MTV that played actual music videos, and fabulously dishy serial night-time dramas (my parents taped on their VHS recorder to watch the next day so I […]

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My Love/Hate Relationship With YouTube

For a reeeeeally long I was afraid to admit that my children watch YouTube. Sure, it’s damage control in the pediatrician’s office while the nurses prep vaccines and it appeases grocery customers from hearing tantrums…but I mean more than that. Of course, there are many ways to positively utilize YouTube. Hence, this unique dichotomy of feelings have […]

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26 days

26 Days of Kindness

As a mama in a world that seems to be full of brokenness and despair, I often worry about sending my babies out there without me being able to protect them. I know I can’t hold their hands forever, but what I can do is set an example. I can teach them that although our world is broken, love can […]

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Finding Joy in the Ice Cream Aisle

I have a hard time watching the news and following trending news feeds. Racism on college campuses, terrorist acts in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, child refugees. It seems like good news items are few and far between. Heartbreaking events occur everyday, that’s a fact. It’s hard to find things to be […]

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