Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Meet Abby!

Hello FCMB Readers! My name is Abby and I am happy to be able to share some of my stories with you – both the mom version of myself and the non-mom version (it’s all about the balance, right?).  I am a true Fairfield Country girl who was raised in Norwalk. Over the last decade, […]

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Tips for Introducing Peanuts to Your Peanut

Tips for Introducing Peanuts to Your Peanut

We live in a age where we are bombarded from all different sources with information and many times that information conflicts. We recently had the chance to talk with Dr. Weiss, a local otolaryngologist, about new recommendations in giving peanuts to children and the risks of choking, This will hopefully clear up some of those conflicts […]

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Fairfield County Moms Blog | Toddler Room on a Budget

Toddler Room on a Budget

When we moved into our house last year, my daughter was 10 months. We created a nursery for her and since we had an extra bedroom, a separate playroom. We knew that when we eventually had Baby #2, the playroom would become her big girl toddler room. I kept that in mind when we put the playroom together […]

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Connected by something more than blood

Sister Friend

I’m pretty sure that if given the opportunity, I would never have been friends with my sister-in-law, C. (wow, that’s a harsh thing to say. I mean, she’s probably going to read this….) My husband is one of nine boys (Yes, nine. Not a typo. No girls. Stop asking.) and early on in our relationship […]

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Dear First Time Moms | Fairfield County moms Blog

Dear First Time Mom

As I’m writing this, I have a little over 4 months left until our family becomes a party of four. It finally sunk in that I am becoming a mom of two when I was transitioning my daughter’s playroom into her new bedroom this past weekend. A light went off in my brain when I moved her […]

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