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Get Fit with SOSF CrossFit & Chiropractic

2017 is officially here and Fairfield County Moms Blog wants to help you stay healthy and fit this winter. We have planned an exciting 2017 fitness event series that will give you the opportunity to start exploring the fantastic fitness, health and wellness providers throughout Fairfield County. Please join us for our first fitness event with SOSF CrossFit & Chiropractic (27 […]

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5 things

5 Things My Kids Hate and I Love

As my husband was bear hugging my 3 year old tonight so I could trim his dirt-encrusted fingernails I thought “Man, these kids don’t know what they’re missing!” Maybe it’s because they’re boys. Maybe there’s been a miraculous change over the last three decades of my life. Maybe they’ll grow to enjoy some of these and […]

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new 20

40 is the New 20

Fourteen years ago I turned 25. I remember thinking, “Am I having a quarter-life crisis?” In December I turned 39 with little to no thought about it, but on New Years Eve it hit me, I’m almost 40.  I’ve never been one concerned with my age, especially since most of my friends have always been older, […]

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3 Lessons Learned In-2

Top Three Lessons Learned in 2016

As another year comes to a close I like to think about all the lessons I learned along the way. I don’t do New Years resolutions but I believe every experience you have, you can learn from. As 2016 ended I realized there were a lot of lessons, some good and some bad. These are the top […]

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toy purge

The Post-Holiday Toy Purge

After seeing a friend clean out a pretty massive amount of toys last week, I was inspired to do the same. The recent holiday had brought quite a few new toys into our house. The fact that my daughter’s birthday was only four days after Christmas certainly didn’t help the toy invasion either. Honestly, I didn’t […]

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