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Why Didn’t You Tell Me?!

How many pre-pregnancy, expecting, post partum, the first years, toddler years type books have you read?  Although they all provide wonderful bits of information they leave some important every day things out! There are so many times I think, “Why hasn’t anyone told me this?” When I had my first child, I was so much more on edge than with my […]

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Springing into Organization

  Spring weather always makes me want to organize and clean! With the 60+ degree weather of this past weekend, I got an organization bug. I had my eye on our sippy cup and toddler dishes cabinet in our kitchen. Every time the dishwasher is done, we shove all of my daughter’s colorful tableware into […]

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The books that Jen selected for my girls.

Have You Discovered Usborne Books Yet?

I have always loved books. After having kids, my passion for books and reading has become slightly more than an obsession. I have close to 200 books on my Amazon wish list and have probably pinned equally as many books or booklists on Pinterest. Not too long ago, I discovered Usborne Books touchy-feely books and […]

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My Go-To Recipes!

Pre-children: I used my recipe box religiously. The best and most loved cards had stains galore on them and stuck to each other often. My husband and I had subscriptions to Food and Wine, Bon Appetit and Cooking Light. Between then and now, we had two children, purchased an iPad, discovered Pinterest and put all of our […]

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