Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Restorative Yoga for Busy Moms

According to the Chopra Center, restorative yoga is a practice that leads one toward a more healing and recuperative experience. It offers a host of wonderful benefits that are often overshadowed by the popularity and visibility of more dynamic yoga styles. Restorative yoga relies on props and surrender without effort. Studies show that the slower […]

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Delish Donut

My Cabbage Patch Kid Moment

A toy craze has taken over our house. They are tiny, with little faces, and both my children can’t have enough of them. SHOPKINS! If you have no clue what I am talking about, consider yourself lucky. Shopkins are a popular series of little grocery-themed figures with adorable names that are ranked by availability – common, […]

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: A Book Review and Home Experiment

Remember January? You know, when we were all full of resolve to become better, more polished people? I myself had a few hefty ambitions pulling me through my holiday splurging. My main goal, that of ridding my home of clutter and living a more minimalist lifestyle, enlightened the way to the bright future I envisioned […]

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Happy National Pet Day!

Today, April 11th, is National Pet Day! Let’s celebrate all of the furry, fuzzy, swimming, chirping and purring animals that our families, and children, love so much. According to the ASPCA, almost half of homes in the United States have a dog and one third have a cat. Then there are birds, rabbits, farm animals […]

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What am I Rewarding?

If I had a nickel for every behavior chart I started and every sticker I stuck to said chart, I’d be RICH! I’ve had them all, from a “Being Nice” chart, to a “Sleeping in Your Big Girl Bed” chart, a “Having Good Manners” chart, and “Putting Your Toys Away” chart. Jeez, I’m running out of construction paper! Then one day […]

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Education: Public or Private?

I am a product of both the private and public school systems in Fairfield County. I also currently teach in a private school.  As many of my friends are now approaching the time when they have to make the decision for their family, I am often asked for advice on this topic.  I simply answer, “It […]

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Potty Training and Sleep

Potty Training and Sleep

Is potty training effecting your child’s sleep? Are they fighting naps, stalling at bedtime, getting out of bed repeatedly or waking up early? If this goes on at your house, it’s no surprise. We all know that developmental milestones can wreak havoc with sleep – and using the potty is a very major milestone! Potty-related […]

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